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HealthConnect is at the edge of technology and healthcare innovation. We have been awarded an IWT grant for developing a multidisciplinary collaboration platform. We are Oracle JavaFX 2.0 Partner. The blog posts below are written by our people and inspired by our projects and software development work.

Percent Width for TableColumn in JavaFX 2.x TableView

The moment I started working with TableView in JavaFX 2.x, the first question raised in my mind is “Why there is no feature for setting the column widths in percentage as we do in HTML?” I am not sure what could be the reasons for having this feature. Our medical record software requirements are quite clear on this, so I have to implement this by somehow ;).

Ofcourse there are a couple of issues logged in JIRA  related to this functionality, but till they get resolved, here is the way (workaround) to make it work!

Calendar Control in JavaFX 2.0

It’s been great fun working with JavaFX 2.0. But before the release of Calendar Component in JavaFX I tried  to create my own custom calendar component and to an extent I am succeeded in creating it. More information can be found on my personal blog.

Resizing UI Controls in JavaFX 2.0

This artical focusses on the challenge we had to manage resizing complex screens in our Medical Record Software.

Resizing of the Root: Everything that extends Region or Control and is set as the root will automatically fit to the Scene. Anything that extends Group will not. If you do not want the application to resize with the scene, add a Group as the root.

Resizing of Child Nodes: The size of a resizable node (Region, Control, WebView) will depend on two things:

1) It's own min/pref/max size preferences