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Alles op een rijtje! eHealthBox, Vitalink en Hubs...

De laatste jaren zijn er veel nieuwe termen gelanceerd binnen het kader van de gezondheidssector. Dit artikel zoomt in op de verschillende projecten rond het delen van medische gegevens: eHealthBox, Vitalink en hubs.

Towards active patient participation in eHealth?

Last Friday, a broad audience gathered in the Pacheco centre to discuss the role of the patient in the management of his or her electronic health record. One conclusion on this conference organised by the FPS health: giving the patient broader access to his personal health data is high on the agenda of all stakeholders.

Looking back at the Flanders’ Care Round Table

Political leaders and  opinion makers, from the administration and the private sector, were present at the Flanders’ Care Round Table, together with more than 400 industry stakeholders. Flanders’ Care is the Flemish platform for innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare. HealthConnect – both entrepreneurial and innovative – gives a short overview of the main conclusions of this Round Table.